Team Up

We are putting together a Sales Team for – Prelaunch and Regular Sales. Submit form below for a meeting to discuss the projects at hand – We will send you the meeting Venue, Date and time.

Tier Structure for commission payments. Register now for your own referral link that can be passed to your sales teams. Max commission will be passed to link where sale is closed and the rest will share minimal %. Rates and Structure will be discussed in the meeting to which invites will be sent post filing the form below.

Ex: A, B have sent 10 invitations each with their specific URL to their friends/colleagues. Total team is 22. When A (level1) makes a sale, he will get complete commission. When his referred person (level2) makes a sale, A gets 20% and his referral 80%. If there is level3 person referred by level2 and makes sale, then Level1 and Level2 will get 10% and 10% each wherein level3 who makes sale will get 80% of commission.

After this project, we will start working on other projects as well – as a Team – and the Tier Structure will continue to remain the same. So lets create a largest Real Estate Sales team in Hyderabad and add Success to our Stories.

Join us on Telegram App from for instant updates – Cleandom – Largest Real Esate Sales Team in Hyderabad

You need to have downloaded and installed Telegram App from Google Play or IOS Store – on your Phone before you click the above link to join the Group.
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