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Cleandeed in a name built on dedication, quality and innovation. Our commitment to serving customers and building the reputation of offering some of the best plots on sale in Hyderabad has made us one of the best agencies in the city. Transparency is also an important quality that has helped us gain the trust of the clients. Our core values are:

  • Affordability factor of our open plots in Hyderabad.
  • The superior quality of our plots.
  • Plots that will get you the maximum returns on investment
  • Great locations
  • Premium amenities
  • Improved growth opportunities

Buy Residential Plots in Hyderabad

With us, you can buy open plots in Hyderabad that serve as ideal destinations to build the home of your dreams. Buying our plots, like The Paras, will be a lucrative investment option for you, considering that they come with a resell value of Rs. 1 crore while you buy 1 acre of the plot for Rs 50 lahks. We offer residential plots on sale in different areas of Hyderabad, like Gachibowli, Shankarpally, Momimpet and Begumpet. Our plots in Shankarpally and Momimpet cost Rs. 60 lakhs per square yard and offer a resell value of 8 to 10 crore and 4 to 6 crore, respectively. This plot also has a referral bonus of Rs. 4 lakhs per acre.

Investing in our plots is always one of the best options considering that we have premium open plots that offer assured returns to the buyers. We do not just deal in a group of open plots. Still, even gated communities of ready-for-construction, high-quality plots equipped with several features like 40 feet roads, compound walls and validity for DTCP/HMDA conversion at a later stage. These are a few features that make our plots more valuable than the other plots available with the other property brokers.

Best Plots to Buy in Hyderabad

Location is an imperative factor in deciding the type of return you can expect from a residential or agricultural plot in Hyderabad. The locational benefits of our residential plots are convincing enough for you to go for a premium plot in the beautifully landscaped gated communities we maintain and manage. Our open plots in Hyderabad are available at an unbeatable price, and since they are located in Hyderabad, you cannot ask for anything more superior.

Hyderabad is slowly becoming one of the most preferred destinations for investors. And a few reasons for this are the large-scale development of the IT corridor in Hyderabad and the affordable pricing of residential and commercial plots. Areas where we offer residential plots in Hyderabad, like Shankarpally, Momimpet, Begumpet and Gachibowli, are developing quickly and are well-connected. Connectivity to ORR, perfectly established road connectivity, and easy access to the international airport, infrastructure and IT hubs make these regions the most sought-after property destinations. Open space and affordable lifestyle in an urban setting are other vital factors that are fast making these areas boom.

We happily announce the launch of our new 19-acre plot on sale in Hyderabad. All our residential plots in Hyderabad have great sale value in the market in terms of notable locations, quality, better development, premium amenities and high returns on investment.


The top affordable areas to buy a residential plot in Hyderabad are Shankarpally, Momimpet, Begumpet and Gachibowli. Apart from this, you can also buy residential plots in Uppal, East Hyderabad, Miyapur, Shamshabad and Ameerpet.

A south-facing residential plot in Hyderabad city is not good. You can always go for residential plots that face West, East or North, and they make the ideal purchase.

The ideal optimal size for a residential plot to build a single-family house in Hyderabad is a minimum of a 700-metre square. Too large residential plots will be costly, and it is also possible that a big part of the plot remains undeveloped.

Momimpet, located near some of the most important commercial areas in Hyderabad, is the fastest-developing region of the city. Recently, this area has witnessed wonderful infrastructural development, making it one of the best regions for real estate investments in Hyderabad.

Yes, HMDA-approved residential plots are a safe purchase because they come with the guarantee of infrastructure development. Even HMDA-approved commercial properties can be a great purchase considering that they come with the best options to develop them into shops, stores and office spaces.

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