2 BHK House Price in Hyderabad City

Worried about 2 BHKHouse Prices in Hyderabad City? Cleandeed Is There to Help You Out!

If you have been thinking of purchasing property in Hyderabad, it is quite likely that you may have come across the term “BHK”. Well, you need not do all the homework and the setting to find the best 2BHK independent house for sale in Hyderabad below 25 lakhs, as Cleandeed will do all the hard work for you. But before moving ahead, you must at least have a clear understanding of the terms.

BHK stands for Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen in one unit. This means that a 2BHK independent house is a property with two bedrooms (one in standard size and the other one smaller), a hall and a kitchen. This information will be extremely useful when looking for a 2BHK house for sale in Hyderabad below 30 lakhs or as per your home-buying budget. With Cleandeed, remain assured of finding the best 2BHK properties in prime locations in Hyderabad. Some 2BHK homes feature only one bathroom, while others have two attached bathrooms.

2 BHK Independent House for Sale in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a leading city in Southern India, especially in the real estate market. Options in the 2BHK independent houses for sale in Hyderabad below 60 lakhs make the ideal home for buyers. The 2BHK independent homes for sale at Cleandeed come with the best of luxuries and living facilities. They have some of the most important locations in proximity, like clinics, hospitals, supermarkets, colleges, malls, banks, schools, colleges and universities. With us, you will find the most affordable 2BHK housing options and good property appreciation.

A new home purchase has always been a major decision for buyers or investors. Trends in the home buying field have changed time and again; therefore, we at Cleandeed do our best to stay updated with these trends. Most high-middle and middle-income buyers prefer our 2BHKindependent home listings in Hyderabad. Do you know the driving forces behind this? No? Read on. 

2 BHK House for Sale in Hyderabad

There are solid reasons investors and buyers choose to invest in our 2BHK independent home listings in Hyderabad.

  • First, we offer 2BHK independent houses for sale in a prime location in Hyderabad, which includes Shankarpally, Momimpet, Gachibowli and Begumpet.
  • We offer 2BHK independent homes for sale in Hyderabad within an affordable range, while the size is always ideal for a small family in India.
  • Maintenance of our 2BHK independent homes in Hyderabad costs much less than the homes available from the other vendors. The increase in the price of the property is also not much as compared to the 1BHK homes. Our 2BHK property listings are a smarter choice considering they are completely maintenance-free.

So, if your search criteria is a 2BHK independent house for sale near me, get to the property listings at Cleandeed and make a perfect choice. With us, you will find 2BHK independent homes in strategic locations and with state-of-the-art amenities. 


A 2BHK house for sale in Hyderabad means that a property with two bedrooms, one bedroom in standard size and the other one smaller, is available for sale. This unit also features attached bathrooms, a hall space and a kitchen. 2BHK houses are recently gaining huge popularity.

Most home buyers choose smaller spaces due to investment preferences and budget constraints. Recently, 2BHK apartments have gained huge prominence in the market as they are affordable and move faster in the secondary market, especially when reselling them.

2BHK homes in Hyderabad have a master bedroom; a small bedroom; a kitchen; a hall, and either 1 or 2 bathrooms. Ideally, 900 to 1200 square feet of land is required to build a spacious 2BHK apartment in Hyderabad.

According to RERA, the least carpet area for a 2BHK apartment is 300 square feet, excluding dry areas, like utility and balconies. Remember that RERA has varied guidelines for varied cities.

You need to check the sale deed, title deed, tax receipt or bills, occupancy and commencement certificate, 7/12 extract document, building plan approval and other significant documents to ensure the ownership of a 2BHK house for sale in Hyderabad.

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