3 BHK House Price in Hyderabad City

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Buying a 3BHK house will be a wise decision, especially if you are considering buying your next home in Hyderabad. But then, you must have a fair idea of the 3BHK house price in Hyderabad. Cleandeed brings property listings for budget home buyers that include 3BHK homes within the most affordable range in Hyderabad. We will help you choose the best 3BHK homes in Hyderabad available for sale in the right society and location. These homes will offer you the best returns on investment, and their value will also increase with time. If you rent them out, their rental income will also increase based on the demand for residential space in the area.

3 BHK House for Sale in Hyderabad

Searching for a 3BHK house in Hyderabad is no longer a major hassle if you get the services of Cleandeed. We always list title and deed-verified properties in Hyderabad. The 3BHK homes available for sale in Hyderabad listed on our portal are available in varied sizes to meet the varied requirements of the buyers. They come from the most reputed builders and are available in north, south, east and west facings. Our 3BHK apartments or independent homes are categorised under fully-gated and semi-gated communities. And most importantly, our 3 BHK price in Hyderabad ranges between Rs. 23.1 Lakh and Rs. 5.70 crores.

3BHK cost in Hyderabad is not as exorbitant as the 3BHKs in other cities in India. However, there are no compromises on the size and the amenities available with the 3BHKs. The newly constructed 3BHK flats in our listing feature excellent amenities, like a children’s play area, swimming pool, jogging track, fitness centre and CCTV surveillance. They make a smart choice for individuals looking to buy new apartments or those who want to make smart investments. Our 2BHK houses offer you better expansion potential and also future resale value.  

3 BHK Flats for Sale in Hyderabad

Do you want to know the 3BHK house construction cost in India? Browse Cleandeed and get all property updated in Hyderabad right at your fingertips. We will help you make the most informed decisions by providing you with property advice and information without hassle. For all the buyers who love spacious homes, we have a perfect listing of 3 BHK independent homes that can be the most suitable choice for joint families to live peacefully. At the same time, these homes can accommodate guests comfortably. With extra space, you get sufficient room to perfectly accessorise your home most artistically and exclusively. At the same time, our spacious 3BHK homes have perfect ventilation.

Investing in our 3BHK house listing is always a fruitful investment. It’s a delight, and you can use the spare space in your large home in several ways. Bifurcation of property is also possible to create different areas like a music room, library, gymnasium and study area. That said, we request you carefully weigh all the options on our portal before deciding to go for the right 3BHK home option in Hyderabad. 


The ideal size of a 3BHK house in Hyderabad and the whole of India is 1200 to 1500 square feet. But apart from the size, there are other important factors to consider when buying a 3BHK house. These include privacy concerns and security, fire safety, amenities and different facilities if the house is available in a gated community. 

Of course, it is good to go for a 3BHK house because it offers extra space and is one of the best future-proofing home options for individuals with a large family. These homes also work for families that entertain their guests and relatives very often. But if you are a small family with a limited home-buying budget, it would be better to go for a 2BHK house.

A 3BHK house features 2 bathrooms. Apart from this, such homes have 3 bedrooms, a living room, 2 balconies, a utility balcony, a dining room and a kitchen. 3BHK apartments make way for refined and luxurious living.

The duplexes generally provide more responsibilities than 3BHK houses and are not as overwhelming as single-family homes. Owning a duplex means owning a large single-family home with the responsibilities being at a smaller scale.

Custom-built 3BHK homes require nine months of construction, while personalised production plans require seven months to be executed and completed. Able developers make fewer delays in constructing the property assignments they have in hand.

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