Hi Thank you for your interest in the Group Housing Option. Please find below the details of the idea and steps as to how we would realise the dream of owning a home at almost 40% less that Market Price.

As you must be aware, we started off with the Idea of Group Housing by buying a plot by ourselves and then constructing on the same. However, member meetings have shown more inclination towards tangible property and hence we have approached Builders to partner with us in this Venture.

To join CleanDeed Group on Telegram for update for any upcoming Pre-launches, offers or Group Housing Project – Click Here.
Pls note: You need to have Telegram installed on your device for the link to work.

General Information:

  1. You can join the General Group for Free in Whatsapp where updates will also be shared. Join Group
  2. You can always reach us for information or suggestion of new projects for the benefit of Members.

For any questions, you can always message me. Please fill the details below so that we can have an informed discussion.


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