Land Sale in Hyderabad Telangana

Zero Maintenance and High Returns on Investment

Looking for agriculture land for sale in Hyderabad? Not a problem when you have Cleandeed at your service. We bring you land-for-sale in Hyderabad with complete control over the development you want to undertake. One of the best things about our available land for sale in Hyderabad is you do not need to take charge of the management or maintenance of the property along with its security. That’s because we take the responsibility to manage, maintain and ensure the security of any land you buy from us for three years. Not only this, but we also set up a refreshment hub and ATV track while working on landscaping and the set-up of temporary weekend homes.

In Hyderabad Telangana Buy Residential Plots for Sale 

Investment opportunities are on their all-time rise in Hyderabad. Several popular companies have come up with their offices in the city recently, which has greatly contributed to developing an IT hub offering immense employment opportunities. That’s why more and more people have started moving to Hyderabad, which has increased the demand for different real estate options in the city.

Out of all the available options, the open plots for sale near me are in huge demand. These plots at Cleandeed are available for residential construction and even customised for commercial construction. Even the HMDA plots for sale in Hyderabad that we deal in are one of the most secure and safest investments, and there are no hindrances in the yields regardless of the market conditions.

Lands & Plots for Sale in Hyderabad

One of the best things about a Cleandeed plot for sale in Hyderabad below 20 lakhs Lands & Plots for Sale in Hyderabad is that these properties are easy to purchase and sell while undergoing minimum formalities. Owners will get possession of the plots easily because there’s nothing constructed in the open area. At the same time, the paperwork associated with our open plots is simpler than the already constructed structures.

One of the greatest specialities of our open plots in Hyderabad is they are spread over large areas. Consider our latest plot launch, The Paras, spread over 19 acres with 1 acre of the plot available for Rs. 50 lakhs. The special requirements to buy this plot at Cleandeed are:

  • You can hold the plot for three years and then resell the same at a minimum 300% price. For instance, you can buy 1 acre of the plot for Rs. 50 lakhs and sell it off at Rs. 1.5 crore. This is option 1 of buying a plot at Cleandeed.
  • If the resell value is not reached, you can get on to Option 2, wherein different valued-added activities, access, and the compound wall will be duly planned on the plot within three years. However, we will be making 20% out of the resell value of the plot after three years and also get to keep any amount raised on the land in 3 years.

So, if you want to be the owner of an urgent plot for sale in Hyderabad, Cleandeed will be the right destination for you. Our plots offer high returns on investment too!


Yes, now is the right time to buy land for sale in Hyderabad below 5 lakhs because the city is enjoying high infrastructural growth, which will surely strengthen in the near future. This also paves the way for upcoming property developments in the city.

The best areas to buy plots for sale in Hyderabad gated community are Momimpet, Begumpet, Shankarpally and Gachibowli. Apart from these areas, you can buy plots in Narsingi, Tellapur and Kokapet. These are the best localities to buy plots in Hyderabad because they lie near the city’s IT hub and offer people all the modern conveniences.

The average value of main road land for sale in Hyderabad is Rs. 4, 500 per square foot. Land for sale in Hyderabad is in huge demand but limited in supply, thus making it one of the most valuable assets. Land value in Hyderabad can also appreciate well, even in the most volatile market conditions.

Yes. Investing in the land may not suit every individual but investors looking to diversify their portfolio and make decent profits should always consider land investment in Hyderabad.

If you wish to purchase land in Hyderabad, go for commercial land for sale in different areas of Hyderabad. With the rising infrastructural developments and economy, investing in commercial land in Hyderabad has several advantages.

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