Work from Home

We are looking for individuals who can Work from Home and be part of our Network. Please find below the requirements and specs:

  1. Should be able to speak English or Hindi
  2. No need for Marketing or any other Experience
  3. Not MLM or Target based Sales.

Working Methodology:

  1. We get Group Purchase Offers from time to time which will cascaded to you.
  2. You will refer your friends and family to the Offer if you feel is worth sharing.
  3. All details of the project will be on CleanDeed website and marketing and sales will be CleanDeed responsibility.
  4. If a Sale goes through from one among your leads, respective share of earning will be credited into your account as informed at the time of sharing the Offer.
  5. Earnings will differ from Product to Product and will be shared along with the offer.

Initially, we only need your Name and Whatsapp Number. On successful referral from you which is closed on sale of an Offer, we will take your account details and share your earnings as informed to you at the time of sharing the Offer.

Author: krishna

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