The Woods – Coorg

Dear Members,

We are glad to bring to you – a monthly income Investment option – which is Secured by Land Registration and Quarterly Holidays. Only 9 Units left out of 20 Units in this project (Coorg) – so please hurry!

Vision of Developer is to Develop multiple “Home Stays” in all Tourism Areas in India – Each around 20 Acres – which will help regular bookings and continued Business. Privacy, Comfort and break into Nature’s Lap with guaranteed earnings from Monthly returns!

Google Pin Location for Coorg Project – Please Click Here.

Highlights for Coorg Project:

Payment only at time of Registration of Land and later on stages of construction of Home Stay.
Monthly Income of 20k in the first year and 25k from second
Lease for 10 years and get 3N/4D per quarter Vacation – free of cost

Options in Coorg Project – The Woods

•1/2 acre with single cottage (700 sqft) 60 lakhs
•1/2 acre with twin cottage (1400 sqft) 80 lakhs

Pricing, Payments and why through CleanDeed:

Booking Amount – Rs.10 Lakhs
Form 11E will be applied in your name and once we have the same, you will pay Rs.20 Lakhs at the time of Registration of Land
Rs.15 Lakhs at the time of mid way through construction of your cottage and balance Rs.15 Lakhs at the time of completion.

MoU of Lease for 10 years will be done post construction of the Vacation homes which will take approximately 6 months from the time of registration.

3N /4 D free vacation in your Vacation home for every Quarter
Rs.20k per month Rental for first year and Rs.25k per month from second year.

By going through CleanDeed,
Referral discount of 3% for every referral you make and booking done
Cashback of 5% after your complete payment.

Please let us know your intent by filing your contact information below and we will get back to you with further details of the Location Pictures, Aerial Video, Legal Opinion and Land Documents

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