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One of the locations that we had tried to do a Group Project is now being handled by R-Homes. They have given us a good offer for purchases on Prelaunch from CleanDeed. Last date for the offer is 10th January 2021. Please find the details below.

Our earlier working on this location –

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Location: Pati Ghanpur Click link for Google Location

7.67 Acres of which 6 Acres is acquired and rest will be acquired by Feb 2021 end post which Approvals will be sought. 6 Floors and 7 Towers – handover in 3 years – 2 years for Construction and 1 Year for approvals.

Land will be registered in UDS will be registered @ 25k per Sqyd. Eg: Your payment for flat is 25 Lakhs – you will be registered with 100 sqyds.

R Homes was predominantly into Farm Lands and now doing a Gated Community Project in Ghatkesar. The contruction partner – Gruhita has many projects in Hyderabad.


Brochure & Layouts


Base price of Rs.1999 per sqft (Includes Car Parking and Amenities)
East and North Facing Premium of Rs. 150 per sqft
Corner Apartment Premium is Rs.200 per sqft
Booking Amount 5 Lakhs and rest within 30 days. Last Date of Booking for this offer is 10th January 2021.

CleanDeed Member discounts, Group Purchase and Bulk Purchase discounts applicable. Please fill the form below so that our Relationship Manager can explain the same.



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