Lavender Sky – Pati

Dear Members,

Lavender Sky bookings open for regular sales – for limited Sqft and specially for CleanDeed Members – at a discounted price.

Spot Bookings! Booking Amount Cheque of 2 Lakhs in the name of the Project Owner. Visit our office now to check availability and make booking rightaway.

HMDA Application- click to Download

Click here to download the updated Floor Plans and Layout


50% Payment – 2500 per sqft and rest Bank Loan.
30% Payment – 2800 per sqft and rest Bank Loan.

East/North – 150 per sqft Premium charges
Corner – 200 per sqft Premium Charges
Floor Rise – 25 Rs per sqft – for 6th, 7th and 8th Floors.

Please fill your intent below so that we can work our the best possible deal for your before the available units are exhausted,

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