Kondapur Apartment – Group Purchase options – with Land Security


Dear Members,

As intended, we were able to get a good pricing for the Kondapur Project – opposite My Home Mangala. We are giving you both options of with Land Security and without – starting from Rs.4100 per sqfeet – conditions apply.

Project Location – Click here for Google pin

Total Extent of more than 30 Acres with 15 Towers and 35 floors each. For the current booking option – we have 3 Towers that we can choose from (Block A, Block and Block C – named for our reference). All Legal and Documents will be shown in Person. You can also opt for the Zoom Meeting planned on 6th Jan 2024 – 6PM. Invites will be sent to all Members who opt for Land Security option.

Floor Plans, Builder Profile, Amenities and Specifications

Pricing and Options

We have option to make purchase directly from the Developer.
100% Payment @ 4300 per sqfeet for One Unit and @ 4100 per sqfeet for two or more Units (all inclusive except Floor Rise from 16th Floor, Registration, GST, Corpus Fund, Maintenance)
50% Payment @ 5300 per sqfeet for One Unit and @ 5200 per sqfeet for two or more Units (all inclusive except 6 lakhs for Amenities, Floor Rise from 16th Floor, Registration, GST, Corpus Fund, Maintenance)

Land Security Option is Thru “Reya Housing LLP”
Please Click here for the Google Pin of the proposed land for Security @ 25Cr – One Acre – Wipro Circle Road. Survey#233/U/1 – Extent 1 Acre – Division RajendraNagar, Madal Gandipet and Villa Vattinagulpalli.

Reya Housing LLP

To facilitate Payments to Builder without compromising on Security of the Investment, we will be floating Limited Liability Company where every Investor will be a Partner. To mitigate the Risk we will also have Designated Partners.

Partner: All buyers choosing the land security option will become Partners in “Reya Housing LLP”

Designated Partner: Buyers who as buying min 9k Sqfeet on 100% payment option will get to be Designated Partners along with CleanDeed. Designated Partners will be authorised Signatory for Documents and Bank Transactions along with CleanDeed.

  1. Choice of Flat and mode of Investment
  2. Payment of Rs.5000 to CleanDeed for Documentation Charges (Included in total cost).
  3. Whatsapp Group will be formed for easy communication between partners.
  4. LLP will be floated and Current Account Opened in the name of LLC.
  5. Investments will be made into the Current Account.
  6. Mortgage Agreement will be done thru LLP on the land offered as Security and payment made to the Builder.
  7. Individual MoU’s will be done with every Partner in LLC from the Builder.
  8. Security Land will be released post Flat Registration upon necessary Approvals.
  9. Partners will be dissolved after transactions concluded.

Sample MoU – Mortgage Draft will also be in similar lines.

Please note – Time frame is less for the pricing and Security that has been negotiated. Please use the whatsapp button for clarifications or concerns. We will have max two Designated Partner options only and third will be CleanDeed for the LLC that will be floated.

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