The Paras – Farm Plot – Investment and Purchase

Dear Members,

Please find below the details of the Project Planned at Thimmapur – 40 km from Shankarpally – “The Paras” Gated Community of Appreciating Farm Lands. 

This Group project is facilitated by CleanDeed by negotiating the land price in Bulk, survey, Legal verification of documents from 1953 along with other important checks for purchase of land. Sale Agreements done with the Land lords to ensure price lock and availability of plots together to plan the Group Gated project.

Legal Opinion, Village Map along with link documents and Survey details can be obtained from CleanDeed office upon Booking.

Location: Please click for location on Google Maps

You can choose option for Site Visit scheduled on both working days and weekends from the form below. Currently, the access from the Village and the main road are not viable, so please use our assisted Site Tour so you can make informed Decision. We will start laying roads once atleast a minimum target of land is acquired (to avoid price hike)

Click this link to join Whatsapp Discussion Group for this Project: The Paras

Zoom Meeting Recording 16th April 2022:

Zoom Meeting recording on 30th April 2022

Extent of the Project: Above 50 Acres, however the pricing and discussion currently is for 19 Acres for which we have pricing locked through Sale Agreement done with the Land Owners.

Project Location Pictures, Videos and Layout

Layout – Click to download – The Paras – Layout for 6 Month Handover
Pls note – Layout subject to change depending on acquisition and expansion of project in next 6 months. Member always has option to suggest changes or cancel (15 day refund) in case they do not like the changes in layout.

Video Village Road to the Site:

Site Videos:

Project Options:

Option 1: Choice of Plot will be given with small variation on price for placement and 58% of the purchased land will be handed over in 6 months with Compound Wall, all 40 feet roads and open spaces with validity for HMDA / DTCP conversion at later stage. Members will have option to form society now or at a later stage after initial sales of resell plots are done.

Option 2: Only agriculture Land – with 40 feet road access and Fencing (not boundary wall). Registration on actual Land and 75% land retention after mud roads. Effectively if One Acre is purchased – 3630 Sqyards is retained.

Plot and Prices

Sl.No Plot No. Sqyards Rate per Sqyard Facing Facing & Placement Charges Price
1 Plot 1 1150 1000 East – 1st Bit 200 1380000
2 Plot 2 2427 1000 North & East – Corner – 1st Bit 400 3397800
3 Plot 3 2427 1000 North & West – Corner 200 2912400
4 Plot 4 2756 1000 North & East – Corner 300 3582800
5 Plot 5 2449 1000 South and East – Corner 100 2693900
6 Plot 6 2711 1000 East 100 2982100
7 Plot 7 2427 1000 West 2427000
8 Plot 8 2427 1000 South & West Corner 100 2669700
9 Plot 9 2427 1000 East & South – Corner – 1st Bit 200 2912400
10 Plot 10 2427 1000 East – 1st Bit 200 2912400

Option 2: Only Land – with road access and fence – 40 Lakhs per Acre (3630 Sqyrds after roads) . No Placement Charges – First Come First Serve! Selection of Plot at the time of Booking!


Referral Bonus:

 Four Lakhs per acre  

Booking and Registration Process:

1)Booking Amount of 20% (till slots available) and rest within 45 days – at the time of Registration.

2)Immediately after registration, CleanDeed will take Development Agreement for 6 months.

Please fill the form below to let us know your intent and we can plan your site visit and discuss further.

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