Treasure Hunt – 10 Prizes worth 5 Lakhs – The Paras

Dear Members,

We are planning a Treasure Hunt Event in our New Farm Land Project – The Paras – Appreciating Farm Lands

Entry Fee of Rs.100 per family and no restriction on age or number of family members who can participate – will be collected at the Venue and issued tokens (one per family). Prize is only valid with Entry token and Treasure Artifact together.
Refreshments will be available at the Venue – along with provisions for rest rooms.
Transport will not be arranged
Event will be for two hours – 2PM till 4PM on 19th June 2022 – Please don’t be late.
Location: can be found on google Maps – search for “The Paras – appreciating farm lands” or click this link

 10 Prizes – Worth 5 Lakhs – Gold Coins with Authenticity Certificate for the Winners 

Basically a route map with clues to find the clue and the next – till you reach the Treasure of Gold Coins. Different clues can mean different routes and the size of your treasure will be determined by how accurately you understand the clue and proceed.

Spread over 19 Acres – suggest you and your family to be ready for a two hour sprint to finish first and get the biggest prize. We will take every precaution to make this a safe and wonderful experience for your family. The area of Treasure Hunt will be separated, cleaned and verified from rest of the Farm Lands. We will have a doctor and an Ambulance on standby for any mishaps during the event.

CleanDeed reserves the right to change the format of the event so that we can provide better experience to the participants. All interested members will be intimated atleast 2 days before the event in case of any changes.

Please fill in the intent form below so that we know to plan refreshments and hep your enjoy your family day out!

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