Teak Wood Furniture

We have pitched Group Sale Option to Kerala Teak Wood Manufacturers and got approval for Team Wood Furniture Expo in Hyderabad – at Group prices.

To give you an idea- a Team Wood Bed will cost Rs. 22000 and 8 Seat Dining Table Rs. 23000. The pricing of the same in the Market today are almost double if you visit a showroom and about 50% more online.

Below is the Link for Pictures of the Teak Wood Furniture so that you can choose and avail Group Pricing. Please comment your name on the picture so that we can gather the interests and negotiate the price.

Product pictures for Bed, Dining Table Set, Sofa Set, Center Tables and Closet

Process of Group Purchase:

  1. Requirements will be collected till 16th Feb 2020 and communicated to the Team Wood Manufacturers in Kerala.
  2. Based on best Pricing and Product Quality, we will get pricing and product details which will be posted on this website and booking amount (approx 20% of Product Price will be collected).
  3. Products will be shipped to Hyderabad where you can see, feel and check the Product before Purchasing. The date and Venue of Exhibition will be communicated post bookings – around 20th March 2020.
  4. If you do not like the product, Booking Amount will be refunded minus admin fee (Approx 5% of product cost).
  5. After Purchase, you can choose to avail our Shipping Service (cost depending on location) or you can pick it up from Exhibition.
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