Teak Wood Furniture: Types

There are 3 different kind of Teak woods and its product

1. Plantation Teak (Known as koop teak)  They are very hard got a good color .No white part  Grown in hilly forests and it takes .The government deals with it and they cut after 50 years of a tree’s life time  Very expensive.(The price of a The family coat 6.1/4×5 starts with 27000/-)  The dealers guarantee for the furniture for even 100 years

2. Common teak (known as ‘Nadan Teak’(Desi Teak) ,Peoples Teak)  They are not so hard as Plantation teak. They add white part of tree as well to make the furniture .Once it is polished it look exactly like furniture made out of plantation teak . (They can customize the furniture without white part. There will be a difference of Rs.2000 to Rs. 3000)  People grow it and it is ready to cut in 15 to 25 year’s  Cheaper compared to Plantation teak

3. Malaysian Teak (Pinpola)  In Kerala most of the branded dealers deal with Malasian Teak. They import ready-made furniture from Malaysia.  The rate will stand just below the Plantation teak  Very few products are available (mainly Family coat) FURNITURE OF COMMON TEAK Coat (available in 2 sizes 1. Family coat 6.1/4×5 & Double coat 6.1/4×4) Rs.13000/- (Bed is not included .and the laying part of the coat is made of other wood named ‘Mahagani’.If that too made with teak the rate would be Rs.15000/-) The price range is 13000/- to 27000/- (All different models ) The prize varies according to the design .

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