Standalone Apt- Narsingi

Dear Members,

Based on your feedback, we are bringing to you opportunity to invest in Standalone Apartment in Narsingi.

Location: Please click here

Plot size is 400 Sqyards, rectangle and has two sides roads. Is a part of Township Project, as such legality issues are not high.

Plot Details, Location and dimensions will be shared in Whatsapp after your intent.


Approx Costing per Sqfeet: Rs.4500 (If handled by CleanDeed. Floor plans will be decided based on Members choice)
Initial Payment of 1 Lakh to CleanDeed each – 10 Members.
Society will be formed where in each member will pay 25 Lakhs in Society Account.
400 Sqyards will be registered in Society Name.
In meantime CleanDeed will give options for Elevations, Specifications and Floor Plans. Once all 10 Members agree, will move for approvals.
Once Approvals at hand, We will start Construction which will be completely approx in a year. Rest Payments will be structured based on Construction Stage. Delay of payments by Society will mean delay in Project Delivery for everyone. So kindly opt this option only if prepared for Approx 1350Sqft*4500=60.75 lakhs.

Land Cost: 65K per Sqyard

Members can choose to handle the project themselves by paying 10k to CleanDeed (per head) and we will arrange meeting with the Owner and can be closed among yourself. Agent fee who gave the lead to CleanDeed has to be handled by the members along with Payments to Land Owner and rest.


Author: krishna

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