Small Investments & Referral Options with Land Security

Dear Members,

We are glad to bring to you Small Investment Options starting from 5k onwards – with Land Security at Half Market Price. Please join us for Zoom Meeting to discuss and learn more as to how we are able to offer the same.

The options that will be discussed in the meeting as below. You can hint at what you are interested in while filling in the intent form. We will discuss all the options at 6pm IST – in Zoom Call on 18th Feb 2023 – Saturday Evening.

Zoom Meeting Recording – 18th Feb 2023 6PM IST

Introducing Investment portal for CleanDeed Members –

Through this portal we wish to give option of Security at lesser than half Market Value and choice of Project that members wish to invest in. Please Note: Investors will not have option to retain the Land at any point – unless the Developers defaults on the commitment of Return of ROI and Principal amount.

Same time, we wish to track the referrals made by members and reward them for every investment made by their referral or 5 levels down the line. Max Referral that can earned is 2% on the investment made by your referral and least is 0.5%, ie, “A” – refers “B” who refers “C” who refers “D” who refers “E” who refers “F”. In this case if F invests 10 lakhs – A will get 5k, B will get 7.5k, C will get 10k, D will get 15k, E will get 20k

In our Investment Portal, we will will receive maximum of 1Cr and minimum of 5k – where the referral amounts, ROI, Withdrawal is all automated. You can withdraw any time your plan is reached its maturity stage. Please Note: It is valid for Investments through CleanDeed only. The Land Registration Document will be available in login for reference that will be in the name of CleanDeed.

For investors who wish to Invest more than 20 Lakhs, Land Registration can be done directly in their name and same time MoU will be take by the respective Developer. 10% payment to CleanDeed so that Developer can plan for registration slot and rest payment at the time of registration.

CleanDeed undertakes to ensure timely release of ROI and Principal amounts. In case of delay from the Developer and all attempts to solve amicably fail, we will sell the land parcel registered as Security and pay the Investors.

Projects for Investment

Nivata Spaces

Initial phase of 28 Acres – with future development to 100 Acres – Nivata Spaces is a Premium Villa Plot Project – situated in Begumpet Village, Sangareddy. Investments in the same will start in April 2023.

Google Location:

Site Visit Recording

This Project stands apart from the rest with 40 feet main road, 40 feet binary roads, Club House, Boundary Wall and Security Management for 3 Years. Minimum Plot size in the project starts from 500 Sqyards.

West County – Nandigama

Two Villa Projects in Same Vicinity – BDL and BHEL Employees are looking for investments.

Location 1 – Indrakaran –

Location 2 – Kyasaram –

Site Visit Recording

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