Real Estate Investment for fixed tenure and return

Dear Members,

We are bringing to you a unique investment Opportunity to invest in Real Estate of Hyderabad – however for a fixed Return of Investment and in a fixed period of time and guaranteed with double your investment return in case of any issue or delay.

Minimum Investment is 1 Cr  – ROI (Return on Investment) is 2 Cr in 18 months.
Timeline for these investments will be only maximum 5 days after being announced in group for Approved Properties and 10 days or properties yet to be approved.

Ex: Builder ABC has requirement of 10 Cr. Has an approved plotting project with LP Number – XYZ.

CleanDeed will announce the requirement on 1st Feb 2021 regarding the requirement and that ABC will register plots from XYZ for security at half the selling price.
Investors will make payment to the Builder and get plots registered in their name at half market price and same time sign agreement or development or 18 months by when builder will pay double the investment to the Investor and buy back the Plots. In any case of default or delay, development agreement stands cancelled and investor will have complete rights to sell the Plots. As the plots are already bought at half price – with 18 month appreciation – it would be very easy to get more than your investment back.

Two important things here to consider are the Timeline and the Amount.
Only in cases where there is immediate requirement will any Builder or Developer agree to such terms and Investor should show interest only when he/she is sure that they can fulfil the commitment in such short period of time.
Amount – min of 1 Cr investment without which activities like verification, registration take time and do not serve the purpose.

Please fill in the form below and request you to share the same with your friends and relatives as well. It will help us  inform you of the requirement, seeking party and guarantee offered so you can respond with your interest – all in the short period of time.

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