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Proposal for 3 Acres 19 Guntas for prelaunch did not receive enough interests. As such, we are moving forward to an approved layout next to it and a proposed 3 Acre Plotting venture next to Golden County – Pati

Royal City – Phase 1 – by Fortune 9 Estates

Location: Please click for Google Pin

pati village-Model-1 – Layout

Agreement Copy and Available Plots – (Pls bear unclear images – if interested will fwd the files)

Investment for 3 Acres – Next to Golden County -Pati

Location: Please click here

3 Acres to be acquired directly from Farmers. Please let us know your intent using the form below. If not enough interests, we will proceed through a Developer and update you further.

3 Acres 19 Guntas for Ref (Closed as not enough interests):

We have identified 3 Acres and 19 Guntas land in Pati which can be developed for Residential Gated Community. After long negotiation, we were able to come up for a special ricing for CleanDeed Members. Please find the details below.

Location: Pls click for Google Pin on Phone

Location: Pls click for Google Pin on Laptop

Sy nos 127 and 128 of pati village, patancheru Mandal

Rough Layout –  Layout Model – Pati #.45 Layout

Plots ranging from 146 Sqyds to 722 Sqyds

Current approach to this land is 40 Feet (Village Road) and has 100 feet road as per Master Plan (which might take around 3-5 years to actually happen)

If interested to invest in Plot, please let us know your intent by filling in the form below.


Prelaunch till March End
Approvals from April 21 till July 21
Handover in Sep 21 for both Prelaunch and Regular purchase – pricing in the form below.

*Project timelines and Pricing is subject to change based on development and approval costs.


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