Once a life Time Investment Opportunity

Dear Members,

We are glad to bring you once in a Life Time Investment Opportunity. Please act at the earliest.
Minimum Investment – 25 Lakhs – 1 Unit

Minutes of Zoom Meeting on 11th April 6PM and Recording

  1. 19 Cr is the target to be raised by CleanDeed members and 22.5 Acres will be registered for the same.
  2. Bookings on first come first serve – 13th April 2021 till 25th April 2021. Post that waitlist.
  3. CleanDeed Members will be allocated land together with road access.
  4. Survey Number Allotted for CleanDeed members is 111, Sagam Village, Keshampeta Mandal, Rangareddy District.
  5. Payment has to be done to Project Owner within 30 days from booking.
  6. Emergency cancellations before 18 months will be considered on case to case and returns will be prorated.
  7. If sales start early payments will be made on pro-rata basis after confirmation with Investor. ROI of 73.68% valid for 18 months.
  8. PDCs, MOU, Registration of Land and Development Agreement are the documents that will be involved in this transaction.
  9. Min 25 Lakhs allowed for Booking.

FAQ for reference.

1) I am not in Hyderabad as of now – back at my native and might take time to reach , so in this case , how does the process work if I am not physically present?
A) You can send the booking cheque in courier and as long as you are here within 30 days – there shd be no problem
2) What is the SQ-yard that will be registered for 25L investment?
A) 350 sqyards will be in MOU – Registration will be done for Quarter Acre
3) Is there a possibility for providing both registration + PDC cheques , just to have double assurance?
A) No Sir – PDC’s are issued by the MD of the Company and not saying impossible but would be too mush of hassle. If you are sure that you will wait for 18 months – will get the PDCs
4) Do we have clear demarcation for the SQ-yard allocation – may be a clean right to entry/exit?
A) Yes – once layout is ready, allotment will be done and mentioned in document
5)The registration will be done by Suvarnabhoomi to us directly or from the landowner to us?
A) Ideally will be done from Suvarna Bhoomi – but if you wish – can get it done by land owner -however do not suggest it.
6) The survey numbers that you are about to post to us –are these numbers that will be used for registration?
A) Yes Sir – 111 Survey – 22 Acres will be alloted for members of CleanDeed itself – as long as we can raise 19 Cr from the Group.
7) The timeline for registration , since they wanting us to settle in 30 days – when will the registration commence? Ideally the settlement will happen during registration –correct?
A) Settlement will happen a week or two earlier Sir. Bec after taking time for registration, it cannot be backed out from as the challan will be in your name. For that week or two – receipts should suffice.
8) So Suvarnabhoomi will get a GP and then register on behalf of landowner to us?
A) No Sir – Suvana Bhoomi is doing this Investment run to buy the part of land. They will register in their name and then register to us.
9) In worst case , say they do not honor the cash refund , we may have to end up in retaining the land – my only major concern in that situation , we as in all our clean deed investors should have a absolute demarced units for us to be able to do something to get our investments back – any plans that you guys have thoughts about it on how to liquidate?
A) Already got Suvarna Bhoomi MD to confirm that all Cleandeed members lands will be together with road access to atleast 5 acres. In case we have to liquidate, we will go for it easily.
10) When they settle back the cash – I believe we need to do registration back to Suvranbhoomi (ending up in double registration cost for them) – they will be bearing both the registration costs – correct?
A) Yes Sir
11) How are we going to validate that they are not doing double registrations ?
A) One Survey number being allotted to us. and we can check our names in EC. We will ensure no double registrations happen
12)When will we get to know which unit is allocated to whom?
A) As soon as layout be ready – 2-3 months after which they will go for approvals. By then we will know which plots have been allotted to who

Dharani, EC, HMDA distance from Location Maps

What makes this opportunity special – Once in Life Time!

  • CleanDeed Exclusive Offer from renowned Developer in Hyderabad.
  • Collateral of Property at 30% Market Value: Land is at Shadnagar and 1 Acre registration for 1 Cr Investment; Half Acre registration for 50 Lakhs investment. Total Extent is 72 Acres.
  • High Rate of ROI: 73.68% ROI in 18 months Tenure.
    Invest 1 Cr and get 1.73 Cr after 18 months;
    Invest 50 Lakhs and get 86.84 Lakhs after 18 months.
    Invest 25 Lakhs and get 43.42 Lakhs after 18 months
  • Once in Life Time Opportunity: This opportunity opened up due to current condition in market and no Developer would agree for such terms.

Project Location and CleanDeed Investment Invitation

Please reach out to us to discuss more or make the booking. If you wish for us to call you, please leave you name and number using the whatsapp widget on this page.



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