Kollur HiRise – Society Membership Payment

Dear Members,

As discussed earlier and as per your intent received, we are proceeding to the next step in Society Formation towards the goal of owning HiRise Apartment in Kollur, Hyderabad. Details of the Project can be checked in the following link along with Zoom Meeting recording – https://cleandeed.com/kollur-high-rise-apt-land-owner-option/


  1. Payment of Rs.5000 to CleanDeed towards Society Formation – UPI Payment and upload the Screenshot in the below form. Receipt Softcopy will be sent to you within 6 hours and hardcopy mailed to the address mentioned within 7 days. PS: In case we dont have enough members opting for the payment to form the society, 100% will be refunded to you by 15th June 2022 to the same number via UPI. if you wish to make online transfer, please use the whatsapp button on this page to ping us and we will send the account details.
    Show UPI ID QR Code:

  2. Whatsapp group will be created for immediate updates for all paid members.
  3. Society Formation will be done and members intimated for the first meeting where legal opinion of the Land to be purchased will be shared
  4. MoU will be done with AR Homes from Society and every member individually as well with regard to choice of apartment.
  5. Your payments towards the HiRise apartment will be done in the Society Bank Account.
  6. Land will be registered in the formed Society Name and Development Agreement given to AR Homes.
  7. After Project reached RERA Stage, apartments as chosen will be registered in name of Members.
  8. Society will continue to function as Owner Welfare Society for the Project.

Please do let us know in case you have any questions or concerns that you wish to clear before making the Society Membership payment.

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