Investment with Land Security and Daily returns

Dear Members,

We had checked your intent regarding small investments and got good response from the Group. Based on the same, we have worked out a great offer- as follows!

Investments starting from 5k. Returns are daily in case of investment with Developer and Monthly in case with CleanDeed. Details of the same are attached below.

Invest NewZen – Click to Download

To be included in the first slot of registrations and have all member registrations done together – fail safe – in case of default by Developer and we have to develop our own project – Please ensure to decide and make 10% payment by 21st Dec 2022to be held by CleanDeed till the date of registration. You can withdraw anytime you wish to and will be refunded within 2 hours latest.

Location Pin of the Land offered as Security – pls click for Google Pin

Location Pics and Video

Details and Explanation of the Investment and Returns in Detail:

Company Plan:

• Payment every day (Business Days) based on ROI above – after deduction of the Service Tax of 10%
• Investment of 10 lakhs have extra security of Land Registration of 100 Sqyards at Mehtabkhanguda
• Registration will be done from Company to Investor name on Investment
• MoU and PDCs for the final amount will be issued immediately after registration
• Company will pay Daily ROI for 150 days – post which the daily payments will cease and balance will be paid
after 200 days overall.
• Registration Cost first time will be borne by the Investor and second time by the Company
• Investor has option to opt out of registration of Land
• Company office is in Madhapur – NewGen Developers –
• The land for security is in Mehtabkhanguda – next to Shankarhills Layout.
• Was an old Panchayat Layout which will be registered in name of Company and then registered in name of
• Google pin location –
• Company office is in Madhapur – NewGen Developers –
• Company is into Business Consulting, Risk Management, Stock Market and Portfolio Management.
• On request from CleanDeed, Company is registering 500 sqyards to start off in their name so that we can
register in Investors name right away.
• Next 500 Sqyards will be registered after exhausting the extent allotted to us.
• Legal Opinion, Link Documents will be shared after payment of advance.

CleanDeed Plan:
• Other than the obvious reason that you must invest….
• We will create a common Whatsapp group for all Investors so that everyone can be on same page.
• All updates will be shared in the same group and open to discussion and information sharing.
• CleanDeed will pool all investments less than 10 lakhs so that every investor will get equal opportunity of 1%
slab for returns daily and have security of Land Registration – which will be in the name of CleanDeed
• Investors can choose to invest with the Company directly as well.
• Direct with Company investments have to be made in full two days before the date you want registration for
above 10 lakhs. For lesser, MoU and PDs will be given same time of Investment.
• MoU will be signed by Investor with CleanDeed and CleanDeed will sign MoU with Company in cases of
investment less than 10 lakhs.
• Above is applicable only for investments less than 10 lakhs. 10 lakh investments will have land in Investor name.
• All the investments through CleanDeed and Land Registered will be together – so that in case of default by
Company, we can Resell / Develop the land ourselves. (Default clause is 20 days non payment by Company)
• The land allotted to investments through CleanDeed will be marked for visit by Investors.
• All registrations will be done same day and MoUs closed same day.
• Today – 17th Dec 2022
• 10% payment to be made to CleanDeed by 21st December 2022. Form and Payment options will be shared by
• CleanDeed will hold the 10% payments till Company shares the new Registration document in their name.
• Legal Opinion and Link documents along with Registration document will be shared in the Whatsapp group
created for the Investors who paid the 10%
• After getting go ahead from everyone, we will plan for Registrations and MoU signoff’s between 26th to 30th
December 2022.
• You can choose to invest later through CleanDeed as well, however we may not be able to offer Land Security
for Investments lesser than 10 lakhs and Land parcel will not be together with the First lot registrations as there
are other Channel Partners who will bring their customers for registrations.
• In case of non receipt of new registration document from the Company, the 10% collected will be refunded –
latest by 30th December 2022 – through same account that was used to make the booking amount payment.
• The registration document of the Plot registered in CleanDeed name will be held in CleanDeed office and can be
checked anytime Investor wishes to. Also, MoU between Investor and CleanDeed will contain fail safe in case of
CleanDeed Proprietor (myself) death or rendered incapacitated – so that Investors are not affected.
• PS: Investments less than 10 lakhs will get payment from CleanDeed once a month instead of daily
Overall – we have checked every possible risk and mitigated the same. If you have any concerns or
suggestions, please do let us know on whatsapp +919550124567.
“In being collective do we have the strength”

Zoom Meeting recording done with Developer and Members on 17th Dec 2022 6pm IST

Please note: to be included in the first slot of registrations so that Land Security can be together with other members investing through CleanDeed, please ensure to make the booking amount of 10% on or before 21st December 2022.

UPI ID to send in the Booking Amount: cleandeed@upi

Over 100 Payment Ways –

Account Transfer: 
Bank of Baroda
Account Number: 54510200000132
Account Name: CleanDeed

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