Group Investment – Kollur – Apartment

Dear Members,

If interested to be Investor in the Group Purchase of Apartment Project in Kollur, 30 min drive to IT Hub, Hyderabad, please let us know your intent by filling the form below. We have Group Projects in Communities, Employment Societies as Cooperative Housing Societies, however never in General at this magnitude. If we can pull this off, ours will be the first True Group Project and we need only 100 investors to kick this off.

Extent of Land: 2.7 Acres with 80 Feet Approach Road in R1 Zone
Price: 20 Cr per Acre

Project Duration: 4 years for occupancy

Pricing of Rs.2000 per Sqfeet. Sizes starting from 1200 to 200 Sqfeet and Height of the apartment approx 32 floors.
2BHK Starting price 24 Lakhs. No HiRise or facing charges for Investors joining at this stage.

Project Costing and Complete calculations:

Extent of Land 2.7 Acres
Cost of Land 540000000 54 Cr 2.7X4840X20
Num of Floors 32
Construction Area 40% 5227.2 Sqyards
Sqfeet 1505434 15.05lakh 2.7X40%X4840X9X32
Construction Cost 4215214080 421 Cr 1505434X2800
Approvals / Statutory 100000000 10 Cr
Misc Cost 100000000 10 Cr
Consultations 50000000 5 Cr
Total Cost 5005214080 500.5 Cr
Cost Per Sqfeet 3325
Approx Flats 886 1700 AVG Sqfeet
Members Price Total
100 Flats @ (Society formation Stage) 100 2000 340000000 100X2000X1700
286 Flats @ (Prelaunch Stage) 250 2500 1062500000 250X2500X1700
250 Flats @ (Post Approval Stage) 286 3500 1701700000 286X3500X1700
250 Flats @ (Post Construction Commencement) 250 4500 1912500000 250X4500X1700
5016700000 501.6 Cr
Balance 11485920 1.14 Cr
* Pls note all costs and amounts are approx – Actual may vary – initial investors costing will not be affected.

We do have another option of land on 100 feet road in Bhanur in case we do not have enough members to pull off the Kollur Investment.


  1. Society Formation
  2. Investments in Society Account
  3. Purchase of Land in name of Society
  4. Contract to Well Known name in Industry for Construction as decided by Society
  5. Project Management Contract to Well know name in Industry as decided by Society
  6. Overlooking, verification, coordination and other activities handled by CleanDeed

We will share complete details of the location and project execution once Rs.5000 (100% refundable anytime) towards society formation. Per Member Cost of total investment comes to cost of your apartment (which can be retained as apartment of choice or resell post approvals of the project)

If you refer one member to the intent form, you do not have to pay the Membership fee now and will have benefit of 3 Lakhs discount in the Investment stage.


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