Group Housing – Housing Society

In ever increasing prices of Real Estate, the only way to counter it and realise the dream of owning house is formation of Trust/ Society.

We will get together to procure the land, do the construction ourselves through a contract and thereby reduce the cost. Following are the steps from formation till delivery.

Society Formation: We will form a society with members will enroll by paying fee of Rs.5000 each. Based on the criteria as submitted in the below form, we will source land which will be procured through the society and then given for construction contract which will be monitored till delivery.

Apartment, Individual House, Villa and Plot with the location preference will be the criteria based on which projects will be undertaken by the society.

Details of forming Society can be checked on the following link:

Please fill the form below to let us know your intent and we will get back to you on how to proceed as soon as we have enough members to take it forward.

Author: krishna

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