DTCP & RERA Approved – Mehtabkhanguda – Investment & Purchase

Dear Members,

We are glad to bring to you for the first time – Group Investment and Purchase options in a DTCP & RERA Approved Project – 12km to Shankarpally – 1.5km to Mominpet Main Road.

Google Pin – https://goo.gl/maps/vi5gMRUgcxVrGjSP6

Developer Details

Developer with a Vision to Integrate Eco System with Comfortable living spaces- NNR Dreamscape – https://nnrdreamscape.com/

Completed Projects

  1. Weekend homes – kadthal
  2. Bhuvan – Shadnagar Area

On going Projects

  1. Ecosphere – Shankarpally-Nawabpet rd
  2. Brindavanam- kadtal
  3. Dwaraka – Kadtal
  4. Aruvi – Shadnagar Area
  5. Resort Kadtal
  6. Delhi Public School – Rangareddy Guda ( Just started)


Project Details

We have close to 10k Sqyards allotted to us for Investments and Purchase. First Come – First Serve!

For Investors no Facing or corner charges. For buyers Rs.200 premium for East /North and Rs.300 for corner Plots.

Investment and Purchase Options

Purchase Options

If we reach only 10 purchases or less within 30 days – effective rate of the Plot will be 13k per sqyard. Market price given to Marketing Teams is at 14k per Sqyard.

If we reach between 11 to 40 Plot purchases through CleanDeed – effective rate of the Plot will be 12k per sqyard and if we cross 40 Plot purchases – effective rate will be 11k per sqyards.

Please note: bookings and registrations will be done at 13k per sqyard itself and you will receive cashback from Developer post the registrations and consolidation of Sales. Rs.200 per Sqyard extra for E /N facing and Rs.300 per sqyard extra for corner Plots.

Investment Options

2% ROI every month (Minimum lock-in One Year)
Through CleanDeed Investments only.
Less than 1 lakh will receive Receipt from CleanDeed with commitment mentioned
1lakh till 10 Lakh Investments will get MoU from CleanDeed
10 Lakh and above investments will get MoU & Post Dated Cheques

50% ROI One Year or 100% ROI in Two Years
Less than 10.5 lakh Investments – through CleanDeed only. Same as above security offered.
Above 10.5 lakh investments – can be through CleanDeed or directly with Developer by registering the plot in investor name @7k per Sqyard. Facing and Corner Charges not applicable.

Investments done through CleanDeed Portal will show the document registered in the name of CleanDeed – security for all investors investing through CleanDeed.

First Come First Serve! on both Investment (as CleanDeed also will pool investments and register plot in its name for small investments) and Purchase. 10% payment to CleanDeed will block the plot and rest 90% to be paid at the time of registration.

As its an approved project and the terms of Investment are clear, we are open to bookings for purchase and investments by paying 10% to CleanDeed. Any queries or concerns can be address as soon as possible by responding to the intent form below. You can also choose to invest directly from our investment portal – https://invest.cleandeed.com/

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